A simple Hold My Light pledge with pals could be a smoker’s first step to a smoke free futureGet daily news updates directly to your inboxSubscribeSee our privacy noticeMore newslettersLast week we enlisted the help of five smokers to try a new and alternative approach to quit cigarettes for good as part of the Hold My Light campaign.Hold My Light is centred around enrolling friends, family or colleagues to help smokers give up cigarettes, as it’s been documented one to one support is the most popular tool for quitting.Research has shown if you quit smoking for four weeks, you are five times more likely to quit smoking for good.So as part of the Hold My Light challenge, you make a pact with friends, family members or colleagues for an initial 30 days. You go smoke free and those who pledge to support you offer a reward in return.Below, we’ve checked in with all five of our smokers who are giving it a go to find out how they’ve been getting on after their first week.We’re kicking off with twins Simon and Chris, who are already feeling the benefits of going smoke free.’Making a mutual pledge is a definite incentive neither of us wants to fail’, say twins Simon and ChrisSimon’s brother has pledged to buy him a meal at his favourite restaurantTwin brothers, Simon and Chris Cable, 35, admit that despite the first seven days being tough, they are still feeling highly motivated and determined to complete the 30 day challenge.Not only have the brothers decided to go smoke free together, they have also pledged to be each other’s supporters, encouraging each other to fulfil their goal.Simon, a journalist, said: “I won’t lie it’s been tough but on the whole it’s going really well. The week days have been fairly easy as I’m working and it’s not a time when I would think about cigarettes.”My trigger point came over the weekend.

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